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Wealth Management Services

Wealth Management Services Long Island & New York

Wealth and everything that comes with it can be difficult to manage. From assets and investments to retirement plans and insurance, success is entirely dependent on your ability to make well-informed decisions. Fortunately, you’re not alone on the road to financial prosperity. At Nazaire & Co. our financial advisors are here to consultant you on any matter involving the management of your wealth and assets. Our years of experience have provided us with the insight necessary for advising both individuals and businesses on how to manage their wealth. When it comes to wealth management services in Long Island and New York, Nazaire & Co is at your service.


Looking for assistance in managing your assets, investments, and insurance policies? Take a glance at some of our wealth management services for both businesses and individuals.

Businesses – 401K & Retirement Planning

fiduciary advisers in Long Island, new york

Fiduciary Consulting

From managing risks to providing financial insights, place your assets in the hands of individuals that only have your best interest in mind as we manage them effectively.

investment management services in Long Island, new york

Investment Advisory Services

Through analysis and deliberation, we can determine which investments will yield the largest return and which ones should be considered “too risky”.

New York retirement planning advice

Retirement Plan Administration

Place your retirement plan in the hands of financial specialists and advisors that can manage it efficiently.

Individuals & Families

asset management firm Long Island

Asset Management

Allow our team of advisors to help you manage and all of your assets to ensure your financial future is a bright one.

integrated financial solutions New York

Integrated Tax & Financial Planning

We develop strategies that compliment both tax preparation and financial planning in order to keep more money in your pocket when tax time rolls around.

Long Island estate planning specialist

Estate Planning & Analysis

We help manage your estate for future generations. Through key strategies and analysis, our advisors can help you overcome the hardship of preserving and managing assets.

risk management consulting services in New York

Risk Management & Insurance

Insurance Policies have a tendency to change over time. Allow our advisors to look over your policy on a regular basis to ensure that everything continues to function smoothly.

put your finances front and center

You are bound to be confronted with various financial opportunities throughout life. Allow Nazaire & Co. to craft you a customized strategy to make your money work for you.