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State Local Taxes In Long Island & NYC

local tax return services in Long Island, new york

State & Local Taxes

“Reduce Your State & Local Taxes”

You can reduce or eliminate costly state and local taxes, resulting in increased cash flow and a healthier bottom line with the help of Nazaire & Co.’s services. Businesses with activities in several states often unknowingly operate outside of the boundaries of state tax law that require a state tax and filing payment.

Our SALT specialists can identify the tax exposure and assist in how and where your business should be filing returns.

Our SALT specialists can provide on a multi-state basis include the following proactive services:

Planning Ahead

  • coin_sm Controversy Representation and Penalty Abatement
  • coin_sm Due Diligence Reviews
  • coin_sm Legal Entity Structure Strategies
  • coin_sm Michigan Business Tax Planning
  • coin_sm Negotiate Voluntary Compliance Agreements
  • coin_sm Nexus Reviews

Nazaire & Co. Services Also Include:

  • coin_sm Personal Property Tax Audit Defense
  • coin_sm Reverse Sales and Use Tax Audit Process and Procedures
  • coin_sm State and Local Tax Audit Defense
  • coin_sm State and Local Tax Operational Physical and Review
  • coin_sm State Tax Exposure Assessments
  • coin_sm Transaction Planning
  • coin_sm Unitary and Consolidated State Tax Filing Services

don’t tackle the tax season alone

Nazaire & Co.’s tax preparation services provide you with tools and professionals to dominate tax time and receive the highest refund possible.