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Medical billing cycle management in Long Island, new york

Revenue Cycle Management

Solutions To Optimize Your Practice’s Top Line

Managing your revenue cycle is the key to positively altering your medical practice’s finances. Nazaire & Co.’s services place an emphasis on optimizing your overall performance through analyzing your current workflow and management structure.

Nazaire & Co.’s Approach

Nazaire & Co.’s approach utilizes both qualitative and quantitative tactics to determine your overall performance.

Our services include:


A/R management assessment

Medical record documentation and coding audits

Billing and coding support, assessment and training

Fee schedule management and review

Collection support and/or assessment

Our team of specialists are all about identifying potential problems before they have the opportunity to negatively affect your business’ revenue.”

put your finances front and center

You are bound to be confronted with various financial opportunities throughout life. Allow Nazaire & Co. to craft you a customized strategy to make your money work for you.