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Red Flag Reporting Services In Long Island & NYC

Certified Red Flag Specialist in Long Island, new york

Red Flag Reporting

“What Are You Doing To Protect Your Company From Fraud?”

As an owner or executive, the greatest assets you protect are the employees, resources, goodwill and value of your organization. Through training, visual reminders and 24/7 reporting options, the Red Flag Reporting Program will protect what matters most.

Employee Training

The first step to protecting your organization from devastating losses due to fraud is to have each employee attend Red Flag Training where they will learn how to spot red flags and how to report them.

This also sets a tone that your organization will not tolerate unethical behavior and is proactive about protecting its employees, board and/or owners from fraudulent activities.

Fraud prevention experts from Nazaire & Co. Corporate Investigative Services conduct the training sessions.


Implementing safe and private avenues for employees to report suspicious behavior encourages employees to take action, without fear of repercussions.

Your organization will receive a supply of visual materials such as wallet cards, posters and payroll stuffers to keep fraud awareness top of mind.

Each piece will include a reference to both the toll-free Red Flag Hotline and Red Flag Web line as secure avenues for 24/7 reporting.

Expertly Handled

Having an independent party handle reports allows for employees to be more open when coming forward.

Once a case is submitted, a Certified Fraud Examiner will evaluate the case and make a recommendation to key persons at your organization.

With 24/7 reporting availability and a Certified Fraud Examiner handling each report, you can be assured each case will be evaluated and handled timely and with the utmost professionalism.

Nazaire & Co. is a value-added partner of Red Flag Reporting. We will help you plan and implement the reporting process that can greatly diminish the risk of fraud in your organization. Our partnership allows us to access preferred pricing for our clients.

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