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Property Taxes In Long Island & NYC

real and personal property tax in Long Island, new york

Property Taxes

“Don’t Pay More Than What’s Necessary”

As a business owner, you might consider taxes on personal property (machines, furniture, computers, and other non-real estate items) and real property (buildings, land, and other real estate) to be uncontrollable fixed costs. As a result, you could be paying more property tax than is necessary.

Did You Know?

Nazaire & Co. can help you with an analysis of your personal and real property that may reveal assets that are no longer in use, exempt from taxation or taxed in a preferential manner. These factors can combine to give you up to a 20% savings on your property taxes. Let us take a look for you.?

Property tax services include:


Personal property tax mass compliance and methodology reviews.



Real estate portfolio reviews.



Tax appeals for personal and real property taxes.


Tax audit defenses.


Tax obsolescence studies.



Tax reviews.

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