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Ever wondered why you are spending so much money on your IT bill when you were advertised that this current IT service or IT maintenance plan would be a cost effect investment for you? Maybe it’s not the partner company who does your IT management that is your problem, or maybe it really is the company you are partnering with that are making these bumbling tech mistakes with your IT investments. Other times, it can be your business’s employees who are making the in-house mistakes that are causing your IT equipment’s to falter. Sometimes your employees may take it upon themselves to fix the IT mistakes, just because they may have a bit of knowledge on IT, which may lead to more harm than solutions for your IT problem.

There are a variety of reasons why your business’s IT equipment or software’s may not be working or functioning properly, such as extending your IT assets lifecycle longer than recommended. But having a competent IT professional to partner with your business is one of the most important solutions to maintaining IT assets within your business.

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An IT Professional Will Help Understand Your Business Better

Ever questioned whether or not it was time for you to upgrade your IT equipment? Or have you even determined beforehand to add IT costs and investments into your budgeting plan for that year, in case something had happened where you would need to invest money to repair, replace, and/or maintain IT equipment’s and software’s? Will you even have enough money to meet the costs of upgrading, and investing into new IT equipment’s and software’s to support your team and business’s progression? If you are also questioning why you are not capable to have your IT equipment and software last longer than 3-4 years, or so, and find that you are wasting more money than you thought for resolving your IT issues? Then this common tech mistake small businesses make may be the culprit to your IT problems.

This culprit has been a problem for many businesses, which is now one of the most common tech mistake small businesses will make when it comes to their IT management plan.

This Mistake Is:

Hiring an incompetent or mediocre IT consultant to do the job, maintain IT equipment’s and software’s, or cheat you from investing in better investments.

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Hiring an Incompetent IT Consultant is the Biggest Mistake Some Businesses Make

There are many businesses who have to invest time and money in hiring IT programmers and developers to maintain their IT software. Usually when you are hiring an IT service company to maintain and upgrade your IT assets, they do come well equipped, and well informed/knowledgeable about the technology your business will be investing in. But some businesses try to take the shortcut route, which may lead to a quick and current cost-effective solution, but ultimately may cost you more money and headaches in the long run.

What I mean by shortcut routes, is that you as a business owner may rely too heavily on your current employees to help manage and maintain the technology all on their own. Having an employee who is somewhat knowledge about IT isn’t the same thing as having an IT partner managing and taking care of your businesses IT health.

Having middling tech support methods, such as calling your hardware manufacturer’s telephone support line just to tell you to reinstall your software (making you lose valuable data within the process), or to hire from a big box electronic store’s service arm, only to get a novice employee of theirs who can’t manage the professional help you need. These shortcut solutions will not be efficient or cost-effective for you to maintain your IT equipment.

Hiring a qualified technology expert, who has the knowledge you need to support your IT issues and is capable to learn more about your business to familiarize themselves with your needs in order to optimize your IT investment will be the most cost-effective solution for maintaining your current IT equipment’s and software’s for the long run.

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