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Tax Preparation Services for Non-Profit Organization

Non-Profit Organization Tax Preparation in Long Island, new york

Non-Profit Organization Tax Preparation

“Tax Filing with a Purpose”

Filing Taxes is mandatory for everyone. Yes, that includes non-profit organizations. Whether it’s a charitable organization or a business that solely uses its revenue to put resources back into the company, it is still important that their earnings are reported to the IRS. Even though these organizations are recognized as tax-exempt by the federal government, it’s imperative that the necessary forms are filed and sent out on time. If you’re confused about what your non-profit should do during tax season then it’s time to contact Nazaire & Co. Our team of accountants understand the inner mechanics and finances of a non-profit, and use that as a means to effectively report their earnings to the IRS. Keep your non-profit on the good side of the IRS with Nazaire & Co.

Non-Profit Organization Tax Preparation Include:


Federal Filing

On the federal level, almost every non-profit is required to file a 990 form. This document provides the IRS with an annual report of your earnings. A Nazaire & Co. we go through your organization’s finances in order to accurately file your 990. This ensures that when April 15th rolls around your non-profit is all set and can continue to make a difference in your community.

State Filing

Filing on the state level can be a little more confusing. Depending on which state your organization is established in, you may be required to file various documents including financial reports, corporate filing, and fundraising registrations. Based on your unique situation, we can assist you filing the appropriate documents in order to effectively meet your state’s requirements.

For Any Other Questions

Running a non-profit can be complicated work, especially on the financial and accounting side. That’s why you should never hesitate to give us a call. Whether it’s tax season or not, we’re here to help ensure that your organization is keeping up with all federal and state regulations. Need help speaking with the IRS? We can assist with that as well. Never feel alone when it comes to managing your non-profit during tax time.

don’t tackle the tax season alone

Nazaire & Co.’s tax preparation services provide you with tools and professionals to dominate tax time and receive the highest refund possible.