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Have you ever wondered why people become lawyers? Some people say it’s for the money. Others say it’s for the greater good of mankind, to uphold justice. Personally, I think people become lawyers, because people need lawyers. Rebutting a case, whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant, isn’t an easy task for any person that is green in the courtroom. Knowing the game of the courtroom is the only way to play it. You can’t suspect something can benefit you, unless the whole courtroom agrees by the federal or state law that your standards are allowed in the court of law.What I mean to say is, people get mixed up in political government jargon, to the point that they don’t realize there’s a basic format for them to follow in order to play this game of rebutting statements in front of a judge and jury. This same type of ideology also stems into the world of tax collections. Tax Collectors know the law, and by God so should you… or at least the tax professional you have hired to protect your assets should by far know the law. That’s why it’s imperative, especially in New York State and all the other states that rely on self-reporting and self-assessment of income imposed on the tax payer, to hire a tax professional to get all the paper works ready for the government to asses. If you are being audited, make sure you have a licensed tax professional to set up a Tax Audit Defense.

The Department of Taxation and Finance can be authorized to enforce tax laws by conducting audits in order to ensure that a taxpayer has properly reported his tax due. This right of auditing by the Department of Taxation was given to them by the government. Along with this power granted by the government to The Department of Taxation do we, the people, have the right to balance the dispute with in the administrative system and courts. If you plan to contest the agencies findings, you best be well prepared for a Tax Audit Defense.

  • In the Tax Audit Defense, believe it when I say that you will never have to face the IRS to dispute your cases, but your tax professional’s will.
  • In a Tax Audit Defense, for as long as your return can be audited, will your license professional defend your return from audits through the highest level of appeals.
  • In your Tax Audit Defense, you can review your tax Return for any additional errors or problems.
  • In your Tax Audit Defense, you can handle all your audit correspondence and provide assistance with all other notices or letters.
  • In your Tax Audit Defense, feel free to schedule and attend all audit appointments.
  • In your Tax Audit Defense, you can review you documents before the IRS can even get their hands on them

Even though, having a licensed tax professional to handle your Tax Audit Defense is good. It would still be in your best interest to always try to keep and maintain legally sufficient and adequate books and records, in order to protect against any significant consequences from an audit. Most audits fall on the ability to provide and make available high quality and adequate records