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Long Island Tax Minimization Services

maximize tax return services Long Island

Tax Minimization

“Looking for some innovative tax saving opportunities?”

Nazaire & Co. has significant experience in tax minimization strategies. We help you in all phases of tax planning strategies, including accounting and operational support.

We offer creative and sophisticated tax planning that will pass the scrutiny of the IRS and assure your tax liabilities will be reduced so your operating profits achieve optimum results.

Service Offerings

Some of our tax minimization services include:

Accounting Methods & Timing Techniques

Our well-calculated accounting methods can help lower your overall taxes.

Research & Development Tax Credits

R&D tax credit enables you to write off any research and development costs incurred for your business.

Energy & Other Tax Credits

We search for tax credits that will directly reduce your tax bill.


Inventory Tax Accounting Minimization Method

This method is useful in gradually lowering your taxes related to inventory.

Maximizing the Domestic Production Activity Deduction

This provides you with a 9% deduction off your income based on certain production activities.


Cost Segregation Services to Maximize Depreciation Deductions

By going through your personal property assets, we can determine which are eligible for deduction.

don’t tackle the tax season alone

Nazaire & Co.’s tax preparation services provide you with tools and professionals to dominate tax time and receive the highest refund possible.