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Long Island Retirement Plan Administration

retirement plan administrator in Long Island, new york

Retirement Plan Administration

“Plan for the Future Today”

The only way to ensure a successful future is to prepare today. This is something that resonates with many individuals when it comes to working with an employer. Nowadays, employees expect a retirement plan with their best interest in mind. With the future uncertain, one thing must remain clear: that when it’s time for retirement, your employees will remain financially stable. At Nazaire & Co. we strongly value this ideal. Place your retirement plan in the hands of specialists that can manage it efficiently. Invest in your future today with the help of retirement plan administration.

Trust in Nazaire & Co. to help manage any and all of your retirement planning to ensure your financial future continues to be a bright one.

Services Include:


Return Preparation

Like everything else, retirement plans must be reported to IRS come tax season. Fortunately, our team of accountants can assist in the preparation of a 5500, which is delegated to retirement plans. We carefully analyze your current plan to ensure that it is accurately prepared while establishing a clear line of communication between you and the IRS.

Compliance Assistance

Is your retirement plan being audited? Remain calm as we can assist with any compliance issues you may be having with the IRS. Our team of advisor can consult you on wide range of topics form auditing compliance, mergers, and retirement plan adjustments. Whatever type of change you plan may be going through, Nazaire & Co. has your covered every step of the way.

Retirement Plan Reporting

There are many factors that can cause a retirement plan to change over time. Because of this, it’s important that you and your employers remained informed at all times. We provide reporting services to alert you of any change in your retirement plan’s structure, cost, and benefits.

Administrative Tasks

Our retirement plan management services encompasses all of its facets including handling administrative tasks. Save precious time by allowing us to handle all of the processing and paperwork that goes into managing a retirement plan. Our team understands the ins and outs of retirement plans and are prepare to assist you at any time.

Manage Wealth the Right Way

With wealth comes the hard work of managing it all. Turn to Nazaire & Co. to ensure that your next move is the right one in regards to your finances.