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Long Island Online Quickbooks Service Consulting

Long Island Quickbooks consultants for business New York

Hosted QuickBooks & QuickBooks Online Consulting

“Make Managing Your Accounting A Lot Easier”

We can also assist your company with tapping into greater capabilities with our host QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online consulting services. Online-based solutions move the QuickBooks application to a secure environment to offer you complete control and immediate access to your most vital financial data, even away from your local computer.

Thanks to user-friendly and robust features, these online tools make a compelling choice for small to medium size businesses looking for a solution to meet their financial management needs.

QuickBooks Online – Software as a Service (SAAS)

Software as a Service allows businesses to “rent” licensed QuickBooks software that run on Intuit’s servers. This ensures the security of data, gives companies access to the very latest QuickBooks version, and allows access to the service anywhere, at any time.

QuickBooks online features include:


Intuit hosted software as a service accessible from any computer or device that is connected to the internet.


Licensed software at various tiers to meet the specific needs of your business.

Management tools

Sales and expense tracking with professional invoicing and payment tools.


Easy Transfer of Info

Records that immediately transfer between your business and our team.

Nazaire & Co.’s QuickBooks Online consulting team will coach you through the setup, implementation and usage of the best solution for you so that your business is equipped to move confidently forward into the future.

Hosted QuickBooks- Application Service Provider (ASP)

Take your desktop version of QuickBooks to the cloud through hosting on an application service provider (ASP). Hosted QuickBooks, or ASP, differentiates themselves from QuickBooks online, or SaaS, solutions in that software is typically purchased by a business as a desktop, and then is hosted by the ASP.

Hosted QuickBooks features include:



Hosted by a secure provider recommended and endorsed by Intuit.

Cloud Accounting

24/7 cloud-based access to your data without requiring you to leave your local computers on.

Data Transfer

Applications and data are easily transferred back to your computer and run locally if you decide to stop using the ASP.

QuickBooks Desktop

All features available on QuickBooks desktop editions are also available on Hosted QuickBooks.

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