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Integrated financial & Tax planning services in Long Island & New York

best tax preperation and financial planning services in Long Island

Integrated Tax & Financial Planning

“Bringing Everything Together”

Paying taxes are a must. However, without the proper guidance you could yourself paying more money than what’s necessary. The key to finding saving as much money as possible is having a complete understanding of your finances and which are tax deductions you are eligible for. Integrating your tax and financial planning allows you to grasp a firm comprehension of how to saving and manage money when the IRS comes knocking.

Nazaire & Co. crafts strategies that compliment both tax preparation and financial planning in order to keep more money in your pocket when April 15th rolls around. Every strategy is unique to the individual, and with the help of Nazaire & Co.’s specialists will allow more leeway in regards of financial prosperity.

“Taxes preparation and financial planning go hand in hand. Integrate the two seamlessly with help of Nazaire & Co.”

Service Include:

Asset Management

Nazaire & Co.’s advisors management your assets with your taxes mind. This means taking the value of your assets into consideration when preparing your taxes, helping you yield a more substantial return.


Estate Tax Minimization

One aspect of financial and tax planning is minimizing your amount of taxes your estate incurs. Our advisors generate effective strategies that will assist in lowing estate taxes, allowing you to save money while better securing your future.

Tax Preparation & Financial Consulting

Looking for financial and tax preparation insight? Our team of financial advisors can walk you through how to exactly integrate your finances and taxes to prevent any surprises from popping up come tax season.

Tax Minimization Strategies

Nazaire & Co. provides sound strategies along with in-depth financial analysis in order to guarantee a lowered tax bill. This allows you keep a greater portion of your assets while potentially receiving a larger refund in the process.

Manage Wealth the Right Way

With wealth comes the hard work of managing it all. Turn to Nazaire & Co. to ensure that your next move is the right one in regards to your finances.