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Estate planning & Valuation services in Long Island & New York

best estate management services in Long Island, new york

Estate Planning & Analysis

“Secure Your Financial Future”

Your estate is what remains of you after you’re gone. That includes your assets, cash, and property. When it comes to the financial future of you and your family, it’s important that it stays protected from estate taxes other factors that can put it at risk. Turn to the specialists at Nazaire & Co. to assist you in managing your estate for future generations. Through the use key strategies and in-depth analysis, our advisors can help you overcome the hardship of preserving and managing assets. The future starts here.

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Services Include:

Future Valuation

Wonder what the value of your estate will be in the 10 or 20 years? Our highly trained appraisers can help determine the future value of your estate’s assets. This will provide you with the opportunity to develop sound strategies in order to preserve the value of your assets over a greater length of time.

Heir Identity

Identifying who you’d like to leave a portion of or all of your assets to is a part of the estate process. At Nazaire & Co., we can assist you in identifying which heirs and organizations you wish leave assets as well as how much. This eliminates the confusion and potential conflict that can come from inheriting assets.

Estate Setup

Setting up an estate is anything but easy. Fortunately our financial advisors are here to get the ball rolling in regards to structuring and managing your estate. From identifying your current assets to valuating them and calculating your net worth, Nazaire & Co. guarantees that your estate will be effectively prepared for the next generation.


Estate Tax Minimization

Estate taxes can drastically affect the value of your assets. Allow Nazaire & Co. tax professionals to provide with effective strategies that will help lower the amount of tax and fees your estate incurs. This leaves more money and valuable assets for the heirs and organizations of your choosing.

Manage Wealth the Right Way

With wealth comes the hard work of managing it all. Turn to Nazaire & Co. to ensure that your next move is the right one in regards to your finances.