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Long Island Cost Segregation Services

cost segregation consultants in Long Island, new york

Cost Segregation

“Find Deductions Where You Need Them Most”

Whether you are constructing or purchasing a new building or making substantial additions or renovations to your current location, you can maximize your depreciation deductions with Nazaire & Co.’s cost segregation and capitalization consulting services.

Our Goal

To properly identify, classify and value real estate costs, we can dramatically increase your cash flow by uncovering personal property and land improvement costs that are eligible for accelerated depreciation.

We accomplish this through:


Comprehensive Engineering Studies

Nazaire & Co. identifies and reclassifies personal property assets with the goal of shortening the depreciation time.

Item by Item Consulting

Our taxing specialists will go through your personal property assets one by one, exploring their individual deduction opportunities.

Limited Scope Studies

In our limited scope studies, we focus in on specific property assets to determine if they are eligible for accelerated depreciation.

don’t tackle the tax season alone

Nazaire & Co.’s tax preparation services provide you with tools and professionals to dominate tax time and receive the highest refund possible.