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Long Island Business Valuation Services

business valuation expert in Long Island, new york

Business Valuation

“What’s Your Business Worth?”

There are several reasons why you would be required to have your business valuated. Life events such as retirement, divorce or death or a sale or merger of your business mean that you need a valuation expert to provide a high-quality appraisal so that you know the true worth of your business.

Receive a Complete, Objective Valuation

Nazaire & Co. provides your business with a comprehensive valuation for matters including:

Estate and Gift Tax Reporting and Compliance (Including Family LLC’s)

For when it’s time pay estate taxes on your current personal and business assets.

Shareholder Disputes

Discrepancies involving two or more shareholders.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The sale or absorption of one company into another.

Buy-Sell Agreements

An agreement that dictates what will happen if one of a business’ co-owners leaves the company or is deceased.

Divorce Proceedings

Appearing in court so that a decision can made regarding an issue related to a marriage dissolution


Collateral Evaluations Including SBA Lending

The valuation of your business for its use as collateral in regards to lending.

Litigation Issues

Any dispute involving a lawsuit.

Successions Plans

Identifying and developing internal members for leadership positions.

Employee Stock Ownership Plans

An employee benefit created to invest in the stock of the employer

Business Dissolutions

The closing down of an organization as well the disbursements of its assets.


SFAS 123R, 141R, 142, 144, 157, and Other Financial Report Purposes

Goodwill and Other Long-Lived Asset Impairment Issues

For assets that are worth less on the market than they listed on a company’s balance sheet.

To fit your specific needs and budget, we offer many levels of service including simple calculations, formal calculations, and full valuations. Please contact us to discuss your unique situation and the solutions we can provide.

Our valuation procedures and reports are in compliance with generally accepted methodology in the appraisal industry, utilizing the Standard of Value most appropriate to your unique situation.

This Includes:

  • coin_smFair market value
  • coin_smFair Value
  • coin_smInvestment
  • coin_smLiquidation

improve the state of your business today!

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