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Long Island Accounting Software Consultants

Accounting Software Consultants Long Island, New York City

Accounting Software Consulting

“Need Help Finding The Perfect Accounting Software?”

Nazaire & Co.’s accounting software consulting team understands the challenges your business faces when deciding which tool to implement to meet your present and future needs. Our experienced associates take the time to understand your business and its unique needs to properly advise you in the selection, execution and training of an accounting software solution.

Nazaire & Co.’s goal is to help you select and implement a solution that reveals a clear picture of your business’ performance so that you can make better decisions in this ever-changing economy.

Our Accounting Software Process

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Nazaire & Co. can also assist with various industry specific software (Reynolds and Reynolds, ADP, etc).

What type of solutions are there?

There is a vast amount of accounting software out there. Here are just a few that Nazaire & Co. can help apply to your business:   


microsoft dynamic gP




put your finances front and center

You are bound to be confronted with various financial opportunities throughout life. Allow Nazaire & Co. to craft you a customized strategy to make your money work for you.