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Human Capital & Organizational Effectiveness Consulting In Long Island

Business management consulting in Long Island, new york

Human Capital & Organizational Effectiveness Consulting

“Building the Perfect Team”

You can build strong leaders and teams by developing strategies and training in your organization that build successful, engaged employees at all levels of the organization.

At Nazaire & Co., we can help you:


Strategic Plans



The Right Team Members To Carry Out Your Plans.


Organizational Change To Meet Strategic Objectives.


People To Achieve New Levels Of Productivity, Performance And Innovation

Our key areas include:

Organizational Development and Learning:

  • coin_sm Leadership and Team Training
  • coin_sm Women’s Leadership Development Initiatives
  • coin_sm Executive Coaching
  • coin_sm Employee Relations and Performance Management
  • coin_sm Dale Carnegie Training
  • coin_sm Talent Management and Succession Planning
  • coin_sm Strategic Planning and Facilitation Services

HR Compliance Consulting:

  • coin_sm HR Audits
  • coin_sm Policy Development and Training
  • coin_sm Employee Handbooks


  • coin_sm Meeting with you to create the outline of the position and the “ideal” candidate profile
  • coin_sm Conducting research and advertising methods
  • coin_sm Selection of candidates for prescreening and face to face interviews
  • coin_sm Reference checking of presented candidates
  • coin_sm Presentation of candidates to employer
  • coin_sm Attending the interview sessions, if requested
  • coin_sm Advising on final selection of candidate and negotiating offer
  • coin_sm Pre-Employment background investigations

Executive Recruiting

Our services are ideal for employers needing a complete recruitment process that is both cost efficient and delivered in a timely manner.

With significantly more competitive prices than recruiting agencies and less costly than doing it yourself, allow us to take on the task of finding the quality staff you deserve.


When matching quality candidates with great career opportunities, our professional recruiters work with you personally to identify candidates we know will be a good fit.

We also provide free services to qualified candidates.

improve the state of your business today!

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