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Forensic & Investigative Accounting Services In Long Island & NYC

forensic & investigative accounting services long island and new york city

Forensic Accounting

“Taking A Closer Look”

With a team of professional investigators, forensic specialists, computer certified public accountants, and fraud examiners, ensure that no stone is left unturned anytime there is a wrongdoing.

When the numbers don’t add up, our unique team of professional investigators, computer forensic specialists, certified public accountants and certified fraud examiners will help you uncover the facts.

Our consultants utilize their keen understanding of investigative methods to assist with:

Fraud & Embezzlement

In the event that an employee is stealing funds from the company.

Complex Commercial Litigation

For disputes over property between you and another business.


Misappropriation of Assets

In the event that someone tasked to manage an asset decides to steal it.

Shareholder & Partnership Disputes

For issues concerning the division of dividends, residuals, or the shareholdings of a business.

Healthcare Fraud & Abuse

When someone has performed a fraudulent offense regarding healthcare benefits.

Matrimonial Disputes

Any financial dispute involving divorce or a prenuptial agreement.

Estates & Trust

For matters regarding financial rights to an estate and trust fund holdings.


Evidence Preservation

The Protection of evidence during the investigation of a financial wrongdoing.

Count on our forensic accounting team for a comprehensive resolution that includes concise reporting and, when needed, testimony in court.

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