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Estate & Trust Advisory Services In Long Island & NYC

Long Island trust and estate planning services new york

Estate & Trust Advisory Services

“Protecting Your Legacy”

Nazaire & Co.’s Estate & Trusts Advisory Services team brings an encompassing approach to financial planning and management, marshaling the combined strength of our tax, financial and legal professionals with the goal to provide confidence and financial health for generations to come.

The Estate Planning Process Includes:

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Nazaire & Co. can also provide a personalized service called the Nazaire & Co. Family CFO. This solution unifies the efforts of your business’s top management team (lead counsel, CPA, CIO) so that their work is efficiently and consistently aligned with your specific financial interest.

Estate Tax & Succession Planning

Depending on your objectives and the size of your estate, we will review alternatives and make specific recommendations. We work collaboratively with your attorney and tax adviser throughout the process.

If you already have an estate plan in place, we can review it with you so that it continues to meet your objectives and is in compliance with current laws.


Trust Tax Compliance & Administration

Nazaire & Co. provides a full spectrum of trust services, including tax compliance and administration services for individual trustees.-We assess your specific circumstance and tailor our services to the needs of your situation.

Such accounting provides guidance for the individual trustee in making proper distributions to beneficiaries, in accordance with trust provisions.


Insurance Advisory

One of the core aspects of our Estate and Trust Advisory services is providing our clients with critical insurance oversight and advice.

We also administer our comprehensive Insurance Performance Review, an incisive assessment that provides an overview of immediate and long-term healthcare needs, life and disability insurance, and property coverage.

With this assessment our clients are provided with informed recommendations while also being delivered the most appropriate insurance instruments for your trust.

Asset Management

A cornerstone of Nazaire & Co.’s Estate and Trust advisory services is our asset management for both revocable and irrevocable trusts during the funding and distribution stages.

Our financial advisers are independent, with no allegiance to a particular investment product.

We combine multiple investment options utilizing proprietary selection criteria with the goal to help your trust investment performance meet your needs for the long term.


Investigative Services

Ensure that you have all the information you need when making decisions regarding your estate and trust investments with our team of forensic specialists.

From performing background and corporate investigations, fraud and forensic accounting, to compliance and regulatory assessments, make sure that the people and institutions in which you’re vested have met the most stringent standards of integrity and sound business practices.

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