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CFO Executive Adviser In Long Island & NYC

financial leadership & consultant services in Long Island, new york

CFO Executive Advisor

“Providing The Leadership Required For Success”

The rate of change in today’s business world dictates the need for a highly-skilled team of professionals agile enough to adapt to challenges and opportunities as they appear on an almost weekly basis. There’s just one problem: it can be difficult to assemble the skills you need without costly and potentially disruptive staffing moves.

Nazaire & Co.’s CFO Executive Advisor service, feature superstars of the Firm’s accounting, consulting and tax teams, allows you to escape such risks while providing the seasoned financial leadership you need.

With average of 25 years of experience in accounting, consulting, and tax between our advisers, you’re assured of experienced support dedicated to ensuring your continued success.

CFO Executive Advisors can provide assistance in



Developing metrics that clarify goals and help achieve desired outcomes.


Finding new ways to leverage financial and operating reports


Identifying and understanding trends and signals in operating data.


Coaching executives on constructively balancing personal and business goals.

Decision Making

Helping owners and executives through complex business decision processes.



Negotiating financing arrangements.


Managing organizational change, including growth, personnel transition, succession and growth.



Meeting compliance covenants of debt agreements.

Taking the next step to boosting your team and your company’s prospects is easy: simply reach out to one of our Advisor leadership team members.

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