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Business Consulting In Long Island & NYC

Business Consulting

A Nazaire & Co. we are only as successful as the businesses we’re assisting. That’s why our business advisors work diligently to provide clients with the necessary guidance to traverse the obstacles that come with running a successful business. Take a step back and allow Nazaire & Co. to assess your current situation and come to a viable solution in terms of where your business is headed and where it needs to be. By enabling our team of advisors to guide you along your road to success, you can rest easy with the assurance that your business is in the hands of those that can properly handle it.


Risk Management

With our team of risk management specialists, evaluate your business’ critical risk and see what areas can provide maximum benefits.

Litigation Services

Nazaire & Co. has a team of well-trained corporate investigators and litigation specialists ready to assist when it’s time for your day in court.

Mergers & Acquisitions

When it’s time to sell, merge, or recapitalize your business, our team of advisors assist in making the right choices.

Strategic Planning

Nazaire & Co. assists your company in developing a framework to drive new business, and improve performance and efficiency.

Business Valuation

Whether it’s a merger, acquisition, or litigation issue, we’re here to provide you with a high-quality appraisal to discover the value of your business.

Estate & Trust Advisory Services

Our accounting specialists explore your various options to lower or eliminate estate taxes.

Red Flag Reporting

Our corporate investigators train employees on how to spot red flags, while also gaining insight on how to report and handle issues of fraud.

CFO Executive Advisor

Thanks to our CFO executive advisor service, our team of accountants and consultants can provide you with the financial leadership you require.

Human Capital/ Organizational Effectiveness Consulting

At Nazaire & Co. we assist with hiring the applicants for your team as well as developing strategic plans to meet objectives.

Business Transition/Exit Strategy

Allow Nazaire’s consulting team, specialized in business transition, to assist you in finding what direction to take your company next.

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