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Accounting & Bookkeeping Service in Long Island, New York

Accounting Services in Long Island, New York

Accounting & Bookkeeping

“Watching The Numbers, So You Don’t Have To”

Looking for bottom-line results and improved efficiency throughout your company? Nazaire & Co.’s flexible and customizable accounting and bookkeeping services suit your specific needs. Our accounting professionals have diverse industry knowledge and can provide the individualized service you need from advisors who really know your business.

From budgets and payroll to financial statements and cash flow management, ensure that you never lose track of a penny that enters or exits your business with our comprehensive bookkeeping services.

Services include:

full-service bookkeeping

Anything you can think of in regards to keeping track of the books.


cashflow managment

Watching your money from point A to point B.


How much money do you have for expenses?

financial dashboards

All your financial information in one place.



accounts receivable & payable ledgers

How much you make vs how much you pay.

bank reconcilation

Do your numbers match?


fixed asset registers

Keep a complete record of your assets.


preparing financial statements

Know where your business stands financially.

Thanks to our diverse industry knowledge, our accounting professionals can provide the individualized service you require from advisers who understand your business.

Additional services include:


other accounting reconciliations

If it has a dollar sign, we can balance it out.

cloud accounting

Take your accounting on the go.

processing payroll

Ensuring your employees are paid on time and in the way they prefer.

accounting software consulting

Finding the right software for your business.

accounting department personnel recruiting

Finding the best of the best for your accounting department.

recording cash receipts, disbursements, gL accruals & adjustments

Keep a history of financial transactions.

put your finances front and center

You are bound to be confronted with various financial opportunities throughout life. Allow Nazaire & Co. to craft you a customized strategy to make your money work for you.