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“Building A Brighter Tomorrow”

Every manufacturer is different, and as such, you need a team of business professionals that understand how your company operates, and what specific goal you’re looking to accomplish. Whether you require accounting and bookkeeping, or tax preparation, Nazaire & Co. is here to provide comprehensive solutions to improve your financial situation.

Trust in Nazaire & Co. to handle all of your manufacturing business needs.

Nazaire & Co. provides accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, and many other financial services to various businesses in the manufacturing industry.

Our manufacturing professionals specialize in:

Inventory Management

  • coin_smShop floor scheduling
  • coin_smCycle counting
  • coin_smCustomer integration
  • coin_smSupplier integration
  • coin_smSupplier improvement

Product Costing

  • coin_smStandard cost development
  • coin_smActivity-based quoting
  • coin_smTarget pricing analysis of strategic pricing decisions
  • coin_smLIFO Inventory Accounting Section 263A compliance – tax basis accounting

Performance Measurement

  • coin_smImprovement priorities analysis
  • coin_smDeveloping balanced scorecard program
  • coin_smBusiness and strategic plan alignment
  • coin_smBest practices benchmarking
  • coin_smProduct and customer profitability analysis
  • coin_smIndustry benchmarking

invest in your success with nazaire & co.

Lighten the workload with our skilled team of accountants and consultants as we help meet your business needs.