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“Do More With Less.”

Due to the current economic climate, financial managers are in need of trusted advisors to assist them with providing services with a minimal amount of resources.

As a team of financial consultants and accountants, our goal is to become one of the top independent auditors in regards to the local government sector. By providing detailed reports and effectively meeting deadlines, Nazaire & Co. aims to be perceived as more than just another audit firm.

Fortunately, Nazaire & Co. has enough deep-rooted expertise to provide clients with the insight necessary for success in the government sector. Taking our services beyond auditing allows us to use our skills to help guide your organization on the road to becoming more efficient. This includes providing you with the tools to strengthen your business structure, while also offering a wide range of services to help meet your financial management needs. Allow Nazaire & Co. to help you through all of your governmental operations.

Our Wide Range Of Services to Local Governments Include:

CFO, accounting and other financial management outsourcing

Forensic auditing, professional investigation and security consulting

Year-end closing and audit preparation assistance

Cost allocation plans and templates; utility rate studies

Process engineering and restructuring

Operational improvement

Due to the differences found in every business, Nazaire & Co. will work to craft you a personalized solution suited to your specific financial situation.

Nazaire & Co. Outsourced Services Include:

Year-end closing

Audit Preparation

Drafting Financial Statements

Creating Budgets

We Can Also Assist In:

Governmental Accounting

Governmental auditing

Fraud Risk

Computer Technology

Financial Reporting

Grant administration and federal cost principles/ regulations

invest in your success with nazaire & co.

Lighten the workload with our skilled team of accountants and consultants as we help meet your business needs.