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Public School Accounting Services

financial & accounting planning for public school in Long Island

Public School

“Effectively Serving Your Communities”

Changing government regulations have caused things to shift in regards to public education programs and their level of compliance. Our team of financial professionals work directly with your organization to ensure that you are up to date with state and local regulations.

Our team is comprised of specialists that can assist your public school with achieving the best financial outcome.

Our Primary Services Consist of:

Assurance & Accounting

  • coin_smSingle audits (A-133)
  • coin_smFraud auditing
  • coin_smPupil accounting
  • coin_smCash-flow analysis
  • coin_smController by-the-hour services
  • coin_smBond Services

Other Services

  • coin_sm Controller By-the-Hour Services
  • coin_smPupil Accounting
  • coin_smCash-Flow Analysis
  • coin_sm Assistance in Analysis of Tax-Cut Proposals
  • coin_sm Internal Control Evaluations

Nazaire & Co. understands the hard work that school districts face. Allow us to lend a hand.

invest in your success with nazaire & co.

Lighten the workload with our skilled team of accountants and consultants as we help meet your business needs.