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Professional & Technical Services

“Diversified Services For Diversified Industries”

Despite the more positive economic shift that many businesses are beginning to face, professional and technical service firms still have tough times ahead of them. Thanks to its constantly-changing regulatory environment and the rise in competition, the professional and technical service industry is becoming much more difficult to effectively manage, while also providing high-quality services.

Fortunately, Nazaire & Co. has a deep-rooted history with the professional and technical service industry, as well as the issues it faces. With the help of our accountants, bookkeepers, and specialists, we can assist you in navigating your specific financial situation. That includes consulting you in areas involving law, science and technology, advertising, and many more. Whether your firm requires assistance in taxes, management, or evaluating a merger, Nazaire & Co. is prepared to assist you at the highest rate of efficiency.

Our Professional & Technical Services Include:

Auditing and accounting services

Auditing & Benchmarking & performance measurement

Business valuation services

Budgeting and bank financing packages

Business management consulting

Cash flow analysis

Cloud computing

Compensation analysis

Due diligence

Employee benefit plan services

Identifying and reducing fraud and technology risks

Internal control reviews

International tax

Operational reviews

State and local taxes

Strategic business and tax planning

Tax compliance and reporting

invest in your success with nazaire & co.

Lighten the workload with our skilled team of accountants and consultants as we help meet your business needs.