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medical record review services in Long Island, new york

Medical Record Documentation Analysis

Ensure that everything is well financially for your practice with the medical record reviews. Our team of consultants can go over your records to help identify potential issues, while providing insight on what adjustments can be made to improve the financial state of your institution.

Nazaire & Co.’s Approach

Nazaire & Co.’s approach to medical record reviews is designed to help identify potential financial opportunities.

Our review services include:

Medical record analysis

Cpt, icd-10-cm & hcps evaluation

Insurance claim & business office record review

Staff coding review

Billing audit reports

Staff training

Nazaire & Co.’s Solution

Nazaire & Co.’s team works diligently to find and eliminate potential issues before they can negatively affect your business.

invest in your success with nazaire & co.

Lighten the workload with our skilled team of accountants and consultants as we help meet your business needs.